HG Shikshashtakam PrabhuHG Shikshastakam Das is serving ISKCON since 1998 as a fulltime preacher. Along with being a member of CSV (Council for Spiritual Vision) at ISKCON Chowpatty Temple, he also holds the position of being Temple President of ISKCON Nasik. Being expert at scientific explanation of the Vedic Culture and by his profound knowledge, he has attracted many people mainly youths to this Krishna Conscious movement. He conducts lifestyle management seminars in many reputed educational institutes, corporate sectors and industries. Being famous for his wit and wisdom and explicit presentation of the timeless Vedic Wisdom, he is welcomed throughout the world for presentations. As a part of his preaching tour, he frequently visits the United Kingdom and has also visited the United States. He had conducted seminars in many reputed universities like New York, Columbia, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool & Penn State University. He is director of Iskcon Youth Forum and member of Temple Management Committee.

 Audio of Shikshashtakam Prabhu