Mahat Tattva Prabhu

Bhakti Anandtirtha Swami was born in 1975 in Vodice, a town on the coast of the Adriadic ocean. At age 20 he moved into an ashram to become a full time bramacari monk. 
In 1999 he moved to California where he presently serves as Temple President of ISKCON San Diego.
Bhakti Anandtirtha Swami provides leadership and inspiration to a large congregation of devotees as well as twenty young men who live as full time bramacaris within the temple.
He is the editor of "16 rounds to samadhi" an independent media publication propagating spiritual techniques and knowledge,  
For the past seven years Bhakti Anandtirtha Swami has been organizing "Krishna Lounge", a program that has been steadily building community for spiritual revolution in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, 
He has also helped establish similar programs around the US and beyond. 
Bhakti Anandtirtha Swami is a dynamic speaker and kirtan leader. He is also a transcendental traveler and speaker. Upon his visit with us here in Vancouver, he will be fresh from and extensive tour of India, Croatia, Russia and Qatar.

 Video of Mahat Tattva Prabhu