Akshaya Hari Das

His Grace Akshaya Hari Das was born in a village named, Birajagannathpur Sasan of Ganjam District in Odisha in the year 1975. He did his childhood schooling at the same place. For college studies, he went to nearby town, Khallikote and studied at Ramchandra Mardaraj (RCM) Science College. His father Sri Harihara Satapathy was a Sanskrit scholar of that time and was also very famous in giving Bhagavat Katha at the village. However during the college studies, his father left body coincidently. Then after he had to take the responsibility of the family. Family consisted mother, one brother and two sisters.

Since he had got the spiritual inclination since the childhood from his father. Many times, when ISKCON Bhubaneswar Namahatta bus would visit their village, he used to be very attracted towards the Sadhus. Later after he could give his family responsibility to his brother and after his sisters were married, he developed the strong desire to join ISKCON Bhubaneswar as a full time devotee. He joined ISKCON in the year 2001, and received initiation in the year 2005 from HH Radha Govinda Goswami Maharaja.

He started his service from ISKCON Goshala at Atala, Bhubaneswar. Then he joined the Bhubaneswar’s Travelling Sankirtan Bus Party (TSKP). After a 2 years of his service there, he became the Sankirtan Bus leader, and travelled allover Odisha till 2012. From 2012 onwards he travels along with the ISKCON Namahatta team, performing Pandal programs and Bhagavat Katha at various places allover Odisha. By the spiritual guidance from HH Haladhar Swami Maharaja, he is able to read Bengali texts as well, and Maharaja taught him upon Srimad Bhagavat Katha programs in Odia, through Namahatta.

He also organizes seminars across Odisha and also is invited in temples outside Odisha. Inspired by Haladhar Swami, he leads a simple life and values Vaishnava seva. He inspires everyone in the principles and his words are inspiring many within ISKCON.