Avesarupa Prabhu

Avesarupa Prabhu is disciple of Bhagavan Dasa. He joined ISKCON in 1978 in Barcelona. He is 54 years old. Now living in ISKCON Madrid. 

Avesarupa has been distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books nonstop ever since a few weeks after he joined ISKCON. He seriously reads Srila Prabhupada’s books and distributes them. During the first ten to fifteen years, he distributed on the street. Since then he’s focused on professionals, libraries, and business people. What it is outstanding is his lifelong commitment to distributing books and collecting for the temples while living as a brahmacari. This is his only service. He is a member of the temple council in Madrid and once was a member of the National Council because of his seniority, but he’s never accepted managerial positions, though they were offered to him.

His steady, firm determination and full commitment to book distribution works in several ways: When he goes to meet bosses of companies, he must not be deterred by the security personnel and secretaries or pay close attention to these external obstacles. When asked what he is about, he says “ISKCON projects” in a resolute way, and usually people see his conviction and allow him to meet their boss. If the boss isn’t there, he returns again and again until he can meet him.