Janardana Prabhu

H.H Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami is Deciple of Gopal Krishna Goswami and in 2014, he Was Awarded sannyas initiation by Gopal Krishna Goswami. H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami has recommended making him a member of the Vrindavan Executive Board. H.H Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami has also passed the Bhakti Shastri Test. He has been preaching in New Delhi, Vrindavan and Philippines.

H.H Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami travels with HH Gopal Krishna Maharaja and has been assigned the work of preaching in Philippines. H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami is H.H Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami's mentor.