Chandra Mukha Swami

Chandra Mukha Swami was born in Dracena, Sao Paulo, in 1957. At the young age of twenty, he put aside a promising career as a journalist and took his monastic vows in vaishnava tradition by joining Srila Prabhupada's movement. In 1986, Chandramukha Swami embraced vows of renunciation (sannyasa) in the holy city of Mayapur, India, when he received the venerable title of Swami and became one of the leaders in Brazil ISKCON. Maharaj helped establish Vrajabhumi Ashram in Teresopolis, RJ. Maharaja is a writer and musician. He has authored over twenty books on yoga philosophy and spirituality. He has released eight CDs of mantras and meditation. Maharaja is famous for his ability to make the Vedic wisdom easily accessible to the lay public.

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