Goloka Mataji

Goloka Dasi is Disciple of Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami.She joined ISKCON in Belfast, Ireland. She is 43 years old. Now living in Dublin. As a schoolgirl, when she was thirteen, Goloka visited the Belfast temple daily for the latter half of the morning program and for the evening program. On her sixteenth birthday she joined ISKCON. Her first service, even as a newcomer, was to help in the kitchen, and ever since then she’s distributed prasada. She is also a mother and has been a back-up pujari and a sankirtana devotee. For the last fifteen years she’s managed the Govinda’s restaurants in Dublin. Although that is challenging, she does it with an infectious smile. Devotees and guests call her Mrs. Govinda’s. Her other nickname is Mrs. All-nighter, because she does marathons in the kitchen when there are festivals; afterwards, she never takes rest but just keeps going all day.