Hanumat Presaka Swami

Hanumat Presaka Swami grew up in California and graduated in psychology from the University of California in 1970, with a minor in biology and electrical engineering. During his doctoral studies at Chicago’s Northwestern University, he participated in the renowned Second City Improvisational Theatre. Convinced that Western knowledge could be complimented by a deep study of Oriental wisdom, with permission of his mentor, John Campbell, President of the American Psychology Association, he headed to the East, where he obtained a black belt in Uechi Ryu and Okinawan Karate.
Shortly thereafter, he took his vows as a brahmacari, novice monk, from Srila A.C.Bhakti vedanta Swami and reconfirmed those vows as a sanyasin (life long monk) in 1984. In addition to his deep internal austerity, study and teaching in Bengali Vaisnava Vedanta, since 1990 Hanumat Presaka Swami has developed an extensive program of external lecturing and travel. This has included work as associate director of the Bhakti vedanta Institute and Ranganiketan Manipur Cultural Arts Troupe, an international cultural tour with artists and musicians from the remote Himalayan kingdom of Manipur. This troupe organized two World Congresses for the Synthesis of Science & Religion with the participation of Nobel Laureates such as George Wald, Charles Townes, Sir John Eccles; President of the World Council of Churches, the Dalai Lama and many others.
Hanumat Presaka Swami was the chief guest for a prominent National Seminar on Science and Technology in Ancient India, organized by the University of Calcutta and most recently spoke at the National Conference on Psychotherapy in Peru. Hanumat Presaka Swami is presently General Secretary for NIOS (North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies) in Tennessee and a regular lecturer with the Institute for Classical Oriental & Occidental Studies at the highly esteemed Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.
Hanumat Presaka Swami’s interests increasingly turn more toward individual education in techniques, introspection and meditation. However, he still actively participates in seminars, lectures and his organizations. In S eptember 2005 he organized “A Festival of Ancient Indian Culture” sponsored by several universities in Peru . The participation from the Ambassador of India and other renowned international scholars formed the Symposium on Oriental Social Philosophy that is hoped to help in developing a sought-after enlightened world social philosophy.

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