His Grace Jitamrita Prabhu is one of the seniormost devotees in ISKCON Delhi. He is the author of famous series of books on Bhagwad Gita – As it is. He is a regular contributor to Hindi monthly magazine – ” Back to Godhead” He is a very strong preacher of pure Gaudiya philosophy with his in-depth knowledge of shastras. One of his greatest qualities is that in last 35-40 years, he has never missed his mangal Aarti at Sri Sri RadhaParthasarthi Temple , East of Kailash. If, however, he visits outside delhi, he ensures he is back before next day mangal aarti. Recently he visited Karanchi and returned to Delhi the same day to attend mangal Aarti before his Beloved Dieities of Sri Sri Radha Parthasarthi. His asakti to Dieities is amazing and inspirational.

 Audio of Jitamrita Prabhu