Sesa Prabhu

Sesa Dasa joined ISKCON in 1973 inspired by the political activism of the In God We Trust Party for Purified Leaders, organized by members of ISKCON.He was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1974 while he was traveling as a member of the initial Bhaktivedanta Book Trust library party.

He attended the United States Military Academy and later received a degree in political science from the State University of New York, Albany. In 1991 he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the UCLA School of Law.He served as the temple president of both Washington, DC and Philadelphia PA; as the managing editor of Back to Godhead magazine; and as the North American secretary of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. This capacity for responsibility earned him membership on the GBC, which began in 1994. Sesa Dasa has a portfolio of two ministries: Minister of Educational Development and Minister of Justice, under which ISKCON Resolve works. Sesa Dasa offers significant resources to ISKCON Resolve with his experience as an Ombudsman.
He is zonal secretary for Orlando, and Florida. Currently Sesa Dasa serves on the following committees: Vrindavan Executive Committee, GBC Constitution Committee, as chair and Education Standing Committee, chair on the Justice Committee. In the past Sesa Dasa offered his services as a member of the GBC executive committee of 1998.Sesa Dasa and his wife have two daughters and live in Alachua, Florida, his home base of operations. He is regularly teaches ethics at Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium