Atmanivedana Swami

His Holiness Atmanivedana Swami born in Uganda Africa, of Gujarati origin. I joined ISKCON in 1979 at the age of 22 years at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in England. I took initiation in 1979 in London England. I was preaching in UK till 1983. I moved to New Vrindaban in 1984 to 1989. I came back to the UK and preached there. I accepted the order of sannyas from H.H. Bhakti Swarup Damodar Maharaj in 1993. Since than I been preaching with Krishna Consciousness in academic and scientific circles under the care of HH Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami. Since 1996 on wards I spend my time between UK and India. Also since 2007 I started visiting and preaching in Singapore and Indonesia. I became initiating Guru in 2013.

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