Bhava Bhakti Mataji

Bhava Bhakti Mataji is voluntarily serves as the temple administrator. She looks after all non-financial concerns, such as, recruitment, induction, disciplinary procedures, devotee records, resignations and exit interviews, asset insurance, vehicle insurance and tax, paperwork and record keeping. She is a disciple of Radhanath Swami.

Bhava Bhakti Mataji is the coordinator of the Counsellor System. She ensures that all counselling is regularly reported, and she prepares the agenda and keeps the minutes at Counsellor Board meetings. She is also in charge of the ladies’ ashram.She has taken all this responsibility in spite of having a fulltime job. She is friendly, hard-working, reliable, caring, jolly, enthusiastic, meticulous and determined, and chants twenty rounds a day in one go.