Deen Nayak Prabhu

His Grace Deen Nayak Dasa was born in Nainital Situated in Uttaranchal India in 1973. After completion of studies he came to Mumbai & doing some artistic work in Mumbai film industry. He love to visit iskcon juhu temple & in 1986 he joined Iskcon Juhu temple In1990 he takes the initiation from HH Gopal Krisna Goswami Maharaj. Then he came to Iskcon Delhi temple in 1991 & doing preaching & many others services He has a deep love for kirtanas and often, he does it for several hours together. He is invited by devotees all around the Delhi for Lectures and kirtana. He lectures in important conferences as well, Now he is the director of congregational preaching & Bhakti Vraksa since last 15 years.

Audio of Deen Nayak Prabhu Audio of Deen Nayak Prabhu