Isvara Krsna Prabhu

Isvara Krsna Prabhu is Disciple of Sivarama Swami. He joined ISKCON  in 1991. He is 40 years old. He is Head of the Vedic Science Research Center in Hungary. He manages two Hungarian sites and one English Web site about Vedic Science ( & & He has posted hundreds of videos on You Tube, a few of which have been seen by thousands of viewers. He teaches at Bhaktivedanta College and is studying for a Ph.D. in history at ELTE University. He was a member and later became the leader of ISKCON Communications in Hungary over a period of ten years. He’s written several books and various essays and articles. He informs scientists of the Vedic views on the origin and structure of the material world. He is a scholar and a strict devotee; on many occasions he’s rigorously and intelligently argued for a God-made universe and for the spiritual origin of the living beings. He is known as the co-author of Nature’s IQ, a book selected by USA Book News as one of the Books of the Year in 2009.