Jaladuta Prabhu

Jaladuta Prabhu is Disciple of Lokanath Swami. He lives in New Mayapur, France. He joined ISKCON in England.He is 60 years old. He learned to train and work with oxen by helping on the padayatra, or walking pilgrimage, in England. Later, he spent fifteen years in southern France and depended on his ox teams. He’d hire out his own and his oxen’s services to farmers, sometimes cultivating fields, sometimes clearing the land, sometimes giving cart rides at weddings and so on. He undercut the local tractor contractors. Although paid the same as other farm workers, with the oxen, he was a greater asset. Devotees commonly dream about living a simple life and depending on cows and the land, but Jaladuta actually did it and demonstrated that Krishna took care of him.