Jaya Sila Prabhu

Scottish born Jaya Sila moved to New Zealand with his family in 1980. Since then he has served the Hare Krishna devotional community in capacities ranging from Fund-raising manager to Project director.

Jaya Sila, who holds a Bachelor of Education (Steiner Speciality) and currently works as a Primary School Teacher in New Zealand, served as Temple President for many years in both Auckland New Zealand and Sydney Australia.

While living with his family in Vrndavana (1994-1999) Jaya Sila was appointed as Global Minister for ISKCON's Grihastha and Community Development Ministry.

During those Vrndavana years, he developed and taught courses at the VIHE, and to the pre-graduation students of Vrndavana Gurukula. He also traveled around the world presenting 'Success in the Grihastha Ashrama' seminars.

In response to the great need for on-going education and guidance about the Grihastha Ashrama and to share his many years of experience, Jaya Sila has developed his new seminars 'Transforming Family Relationships', 'Nurturing Krishna's Children' and 'Relationship Rescue Remedy'.

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