Kavikarnapura Prabhu

His Grace kavikarnapura das joined Iskcon in 1993.He took initiation from HH Kavicandra Swami Maharaj in 2001 at iskcon benin city in Nigeria.He has dedicated a good number of years in doing travelling harinam and sankirtan specifically in Nigeria as a service to His spiritual master.He went to india in 2005 in which he did study Bhakti sastri,Bhakti vaibhava,leadership and management, the teacher traning course (1,2 & 3) at the Mayapur Institute.He also did deity worship at the mayapur academy and his certified in them.Came back to Nigeria in 2009 and was given the service of managing iskcon Lagos temple in 2010 by HH Kavicandra Swami Maharaj.And has since then being Managing the temple as a full time devotee under the direct supervision of HH Bhakti Dhira Damodara Swami Maharaj.

Audio of Kavikarnapura Prabhu (KCS)