Lalita Govinda Prabhu

Lalita Govinda Prabhu is the founder and main engine behind the annual Padayatra in Slovenia. He is a disciple of Radhanath Swami. It is called an Ecocaravan and is basicaly a moving temple on the roads with full-on activities: harinam, book and prasadam distribution, and some Deity worship. Forty to fifty devotees (some from other countries) take part for two or three weeks each summer. To organize such a project, one has to be empowered. The services include aquiring all the papers and documents for government offices, the police, and local authorities; arranging free accomodation; dealing with financial considerations, publicity; caring for an ox, ox cart, and Deities; managing traffic safety; and above all inspiring people and building the teamwork of the devotees. The project is improving annually and written strategic planning has been done for the last three years. In 2009, 4500 brochures, 2900 books, and 15000 prasadam cookies were distributed in 16 days. His dedication and determination to serve in full surrender, humility and sacrifice is contagious. He is fully capable, dependent on Krsna, and empowered to inspire devotees to go along.