Satya Gopinath Prabhu

His Grace Satya Gopinath Prabhu joined ISKCON in Bangalore in 1988 at an young age of 19. He took initiation from H.H. Jayapataka Swami. He served in Bangalore, Tirupati and Hyderabad Iskcon temples. And in Hyderabad temple he was Co President for 3 years. In 2003 he visited Rajahmundry and conducted a huge Hare Krishna Festival during 12 day Pushkara festival (once in 12 years), with Lakhs of Visitors and feeding Krishna Prasadam to 40,000 every day. He acquired land at Rajahmundry and within two years from then .He opened a magnificent Dasavatara Temple in 2006. He opened a chariot model temple at Anantapur in 2008. Now he is Temple President to Rajahmundry, Anantapur Temples and had two more active projects at Guntur and Dontamuru in A.P. He regularly conducts Hare Krishna festivals all over Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. He also conducted a state level Bhagavad Gita Contest which was a success with 25000 participants. Taking this as a model Iskcon Centres from other States are also conducting Gita Contest with Good results. He is familiar with Telugu speaking people through his Geetamrutam discourses telecasted weekly through Bhakti Tv Channel. His classes are influencing and spiritually enlightening.

Audio of Satya Gopinath Prabhu (JPS)