Tribhuvanath Prabhu

Tribhuvanath Prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada appeared in 1952 in Longford, Ireland as Thomas Kevin Heggarty. Within a short time of reading Prabhupada’s books, he moved into the temple in late 1968 making him one of the first devotees made in the UK. He was a well respected devotee and was well known for his many skills in Krishna Consciousness, and his strong dedication to Harinama Sankirtan. For some time was the temple president of London temple Bury Place at the young age of 17, making him the youngest temple president in ISKCON. He shared many exchanges with Prabhupada in the UK. He was the first person to be in charge of ‘Bhaktivedanta Manor’. He opened a temple in Edinburgh and arranged large Hare Krishna preaching festivals all around the UK. He left this world on 16th October 2001. In the end, when his body was frail, his spirit and insight shone stronger than ever. His two wishes were that the festivals would continue and that devotees would care for one another. Right up to the last he was meditating on the orders of his spiritual master and the welfare of others.

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