Vedanta Krit Prabhu

Vedanta Krit Prabhu is Disciple of Krishna Ksetra Dasa. He joined ISKCON in 1991. He is 42 years old. He lives in ISKCON Simhacalam. He Joined Joined ISKCON in 1988. He joined the German farm project in 1988. From that time to this, he has engaged in service to Lord Nrisimhadeva with few interruptions. Since 2003, together with Arjuniya-gopi Dasi, his wife, he has been leading the Simhacalam project. They took it over when others had plans to sell it, and they reestablished it as a vital place in ISKCON Europe. Its two main festivals, Nrisimhadeva Caturdasi and the New Year’s Eve Sankirtana Festival, are highlights of the year. Vedanta-krit has performed numerous services and been one of the most important devotees in Germany for the last twenty years.