Vishwarup Prabhu

Introduced to the movement of ISKCON in 1983 during medical college days. Started chanting 16 rounds in 1984. Acquired MBBS degree in 1985. Received first initiation in 1986 and Brahmin initiation in 1987. Introduced many doctors to Krishna-consciousness like Dr. Madhavanand Prabhu, Dr. Vaishnavaseva Prabhu, Dr. Akrur Prabhu, Dr.Adikeshav Prabhu, Dr. Krishnaprem Prabhu, Dr. Kishoripriya Mataji, Nurse Padmavati Mataji, Dr. Yugavatar Prabhu, Ramrajya Prabhu and family and cultivated many young student doctors as a Spiritual Counselor.

Joined Radha Gopinath Temple for fulltime services in 1986. Organized the medical camps in western Maharashtra suburbs, consisting of Prasad distribution, Harinaam Sankirtan, cultivating volunteers in Krishna-consciousness and free medical services to villagers.
Later on moved to Hrishikesh and Vrindavan for temple services.In Hrishikesh, the services included fund raising, writing articles, publishing a monthly magazine, mass-cooking, deity worship, lecturing , running a charity clinic, organizing free medical camps in Tehri-Gadhwal ,Mussouri area. In Vrindavan, the services included temple management as President, construction, organizing festivals, running a clinic, lecturing etc.
He Worked in Saudi Arabia from 1995 to 1997 as a medical doctor and conducted secret spiritual programs every Friday for average 20 people. In 1997, joined Bhaktivedanta Hospital as Officer on Special Duty and established Pharmacy and Cafeteria services and managed these services for two years. Assisted in establishing Department of Spiritual Care from 1999 to 2003.
In 2004, took the full responsibilities of Department of Spiritual Care as Deputy Director and established Guest Reception services , Patient-care , Employee-Care, Doctors-care and General public spiritual care through various regular spiritual events. He has developed and established “ Spiritual Induction – Orientation program” and “ Follow-up Spiritual Induction” for newly recruited employees and regular employees of Bhaktivedanta Hospital. Started Annual Spiritual pilgrimage for Hospital employees, discharged patients and doctors with their family members from 2006. Started Spiritual Counselling services to needy patients on out-patient-basis in 2010. He developed a detailed protocol for End-of-life spiritual care. He trains the staff members on regularly on this subject. This protocol for End-of-life spiritual care is established by him for the benefit of all dying patients.
Developed the Barsana Eye Camp services from 1992 and revived it to Annual feature from 2002. Later on started it on monthly basis from 2007 and on daily basis from
October 2011.The services include yajna ,daily spiritual discourses, deity worship, Prasad distribution, continuous kirtans, visiting holy places along with quality eye care /
surgeries and dental care for brajwasis. The beneficiaries of these camps are hundreds of congregational devotees from India , UK, USA, Singapore, Europe, South Africa and many more countries who get enlivened spiritually by participating in these eye camps. Especially, these camps serve as spiritual booster for many young nursing and medical students from various schools.
He is serving a Senior Spiritual Counsellor to Radha Gopinath Bhakta Samaj from 1989.Hundreds of devotees were trained by him in different groups. Now he is training
medical doctors into spiritual life style and practices. He has developed a full-fledged curriculum in “ Spiritual Care in Nursing” based on teachings of Srila Prabhupada for undergraduate and post-graduate nursing students and implemented it in Bhaktivedanta Institute of Nursing Education from 2005.
He extensively delivered spiritual discourses on BhagavadGita on various television channels like Star-TV, Aastha, ETC, Colors etc. He also delivered professional and spiritual discourses to medical professionals in UK and USA in 2007-2008. Currently working on introducing the curriculum in “ Spiritual Care in Nursing” in Royal College of Nursing in UK. Also he will start the construction of Bhaktivedanta Hopsital at Barsana for Eye Services in recent future.

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